“Mommy, will you marry my daddy?”

Well this past weekend was definitely one to write on the calendar!! Saturday was a pretty normal day of wrapping a few Christmas gifts and staying in from the cold. Sunday morning our daughter and I took a small road trip with my grandparents for the day. After we returned home around 2 p.m. we spent the day being lazy. Coloring, watching movies, a little cleaning up here and there.

Around 6 p.m. I noticed that my boyfriend comes out of the bathroom from getting a shower and he is dressed in a nice polo that is tucked in, no hat, etc. This is weird for him because I’ve only seen him wear the shirt he had on to church or to dinner. I felt a little suspicious. Then he says, “Hey, I’m going to run to the store.” Uh huh. Well whatever, I just go about my business of cleaning, coloring, and occasionally scanning through Twitter. An hour later I get a text that says, “Hey I’m going to stop by Dad’s. I’ll be home in a few.” What? You cannot seriously have still been at the store this long, surely you are already at your dad’s and staying a little longer?

Time rolls on, he gets home and we are doing our normal family routine things, and he “needs to go get his jacket from his truck.” Our daughter asks to go with him so he puts shoes on her and out the door they go. I am in the kitchen heating up food and washing a few dishes. When they come in the back door I turn toward them, and in her sweet little voice our daughter says, “Mommy will you mawwy my daddy??!” I look at him and he is grinning. I look back at her and she is holding this small box. Needless to say, I may have cried a little! After hugging and kissing on HER, I did finally tell him yes!! I loved the privacy of it and how it was so “us.” There was no pressure doing it in front of random strangers at a restaurant or any of that stuff, which is something that I will never understand.

So here we are on our latest adventure! Planning a wedding. Ha! More like here I am on my newest adventure while he agrees with whatever I pick and even said, “you just tell me what you picked, when I should show up, etc. Just get my opinion on the price of things.”

Do you have a great engagement story to share? Do you prefer privacy or some big get away for the big question?

**Also, I will note that I later found out he went by his dad’s house so that he could show the ring to his two older brothers and tell them about it. (I date the baby in the family). And that he and Khloe had to practice what she was supposed to say for a little while because, after all she is two years old, and was getting the words jumbled around. How sweet!!!