Everyone, meet Sophia the First

Sophia the First

photo 2This year for Christmas we decided to get our daughter a puppy. Our daughter stays with my grandparents a few days a week and she LOVES their dachshund, Auburn. When I get there to pick her up she tells me, “hold on mama, I gotta go run with Auburn. Be right back.” It is HILARIOUS. We ended up in touch with the exact same kennel that my grandparents had gotten their dog from a few years ago.

**If you happen to want a Miniature Dachshund (long or smooth coat) or are just curious and want to browse, please visit http://www.brightcreekcritters.com. Ginger and Rick are wonderful people and truly love the Dachshund breed**

Back to Sophia: On Christmas Eve I left work at 12:30 p.m. and drove straight to Bright Creek Kennel to pick up the puppy. We did not choose a name yet because we wanted our daughter to be able to name her. She had named her Welsh pony, quite well actually, so we thought we would give her a shot at naming the puppy. The puppy was born October 14th and I had not seen a photo of her since mid-November. When we arrived and I saw her I was so in love! I just knew my daughter would be tickled to death to get her. The original plan was to have her there Christmas morning when we all got up, but after picking her up and getting to play with her, we could not wait. We surprised our daughter with her that night at my dad’s family’s Christmas dinner. She did not know what to do at first. Then I told her that it was her puppy to take home with her and she was SO EXCITED. For the first 20 minutes after introducing the puppy, she would CRY every moment that she was not getting to hold the puppy. I almost regretted giving it to her early. Ha! Then present opening began and she forgot about it for a little while. The puppy just ran around and played and every one loved on her. She was bragged on all night for being such a good dog. She never once had an accident inside, and has yet to have an accident in the house which is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. I owe it all to Ginger at the kennel. Our puppy was the last of its litter and needed to be separated from her mother since we weren’t picking her up until Christmas Eve; so Ginger and Rick moved her inside and already had her sleeping in a pet carrier/crate and understanding to use the bathroom outside! (If you end up purchasing a puppy from Bright Creek, please do not hold them to this result. I believe it is simply because we had to wait so long to pick her up and she was the only one left. I probably could not have it happen again even if I buy 6 more dogs from them.)

I’ve never seen my daughter more happy in the mornings when she wakes up. It makes her so happy for the puppy to run around and jump and want to play with her. I’ve heard 50 times now “mama, her really likes me!” It is precious. When we asked her what the puppy’s name was going to be, she decided on Sophia. Sophia the First. In case you didn’t know, Princess Sophia the First is a TV show that comes on Disney Jr. She is the inspiration for our new Sophia.

As much as I hate having to freeze outside while she does her business, it is worth it because our daughter thinks getting the puppy was the coolest thing since sliced bread. Which again confirms our parental amazing-ness.

On the 26th, after having taken the puppy for its early morning potty break, Sophia, my daughter, and I were laying in bed together. My daughter was petting her and she sat up and said, “Mama thank you for my puppy,” and a few moments later, “Mama thank you for all of my presents on Christmas. That was so good.”

That was absolutely the best Christmas present I have EVER received.

Khloe and Sophia2


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