Locks You’ll Love

If you have thick, dark hair and struggle between oiliness and dull/dryness all within the same week I have great news for you!
Keep reading below.

I have oily hair and then dry frizzy-ish hair sometimes within a 10 day period. It is ridiculous. And I cannot use only one shampoo constantly, it causes my hair to lay flat on my head. Gross. So I always try to have two shampoos on hand. I have went through and tried so many different shampoos in the last few years. From Tresemme to Aussie to Suave’s new product lines to brands no one has ever heard of anywhere else on the planet. Haha! After a while, my hair looks the same as always because of buildup. Do you have the same hair type and struggle with the same problem??

I have two products that I LOVE and will promise is worth every cent.

1. Mane & Tail Shampoo41-R3nQaqdL._SY300_I used this product during childhood when my mom would buy it and bring it home. It makes thick hair feel AMAZING. I had stopped using it for some time during high school and even during college, but I have come back to it. Here is my advice: Once you find a product that works for you, stick with it. Don’t stray off for every new pretty product, etc. There’s a reason it worked for you. This product used to smell strange when I was younger, but the bottles I have bought lately don’t have much of a scent to them. That is a definite bonus. My hair gets oily so easily, that I never purchase conditioner products, but you’ll know you’re hair type better than me. They offer a conditioner as well as the shampoo. At Wal-Mart I cannot find it in the shampoo section. It is actually in the pet section, Ha! Dollar General and other stores have placed it in the shampoo and hair care aisle, though.

2. John Freida Brilliant Brunette

john-frieda-brilliant-brunette-shine-release-moisturizing-shampoo-all-shades-350x350This product is the definition of a little goes a long way. A small amount of this shampoo and a good scrub on my head makes my hair look totally different! (And I personally like the scent.) My hair color is somewhere in between dark brown and almost black. I’m not sure that almost black is a shade you could ask for at the salon, but that is about the best way to describe my hair. This brilliant Brunette makes such dark hair shine without looking oily. I have this really ridiculous and strange OCD against my hair being oily. My co-workers swear it doesn’t look oily when I think it does. So this eases my mind (: And the results really are great.

I don’t really have a set schedule on which shampoo I use on certain days, etc. I know my hair and how it has been lately and go with it from there. You should do the same. Any beauty tip page will give you an outline and schedule, but I truly think that they are suggestions for you to build your routine around. No two people’s hair or skin is identical, how can we all follow the exact same routine?!

Do you have dark and THICK locks? What products have worked for you over the years? Are you a faithful product user, or like me for a few years and swap around?