A Perfect Day in Southern Mom Life

What would I consider my perfect day?

This is the topic of today’s March Madness Blog Challenge over at Alabama Women Bloggers.

I have never thought about what a “perfect” day would be like. I believe it would be very different than how the days go now! Ha!

I’m sure an absolute dream like perfect day would include the beach and Man of the House and kids, no worries on costs or bills, relaxation, fun, quality time kind of activities and things all day every day.


A REALISTIC VERSION OF THE PERFECT DAY: It would start out with waking up around 6 a.m. after a full night’s rest (is that even real anymore?) and being able to prepare breakfast for a sit down meal together. Then I would kiss Man of the House as he headed off to tend to the cattle and farm (that we don’t quite have completely yet) and I would load our daughter up for school. After dropping her off at her classroom, I would head to my job as an Elementary School counselor (a career I’m still pursuing by working on my Master’s). After spending a great day helping develop and encourage the lives of children, I would leave around 2:30 to pick up our daughter and we would either have a little mom-daughter time (ice cream, shopping, etc.) before heading on home to Daddy, or head on home and have some great family time outside. (My perfect day would of course be approximately 75 degrees, so outside activities would be a must!) Then I would leave daughter and Man of the House for some outside quality time while I prepared for dinner. We’d have a relaxed evening. While our daughter did a little homework and/or free time, Man of the House and I would sit on the back patio and talk for a little while before heading in to do the bedtime routines and get little one ready for school the next day.

That’s my version of a realistically perfect day. What would yours be?