Asbestos Awareness in America

Asbestos is not banned in the US,

yet it’s the only known cause of mesothelioma.

This is a subject I have known about for many years, but like many Americans I’m sure, is a subject I’ve never dedicated much thought nor time. After “meeting” Heather Von St. James in early April when she contacted me about Asbestos Awareness week and sharing this valuable information with my readers, I was shocked at what I had learned!


  • Every year around 3,000 people are diagnosed with mesothelioma, a deadly cancer caused by exposure to asbestos.
  • On average, they are given 10 months to live.
  • That’s 300 days.
  • 7,200 hours.

And Asbestos is still not banned in the United States. WOW. I cannot believe that. I know that many manufacturing companies have chosen on their own to remove asbestos from their plants and locations, but if they choose not to, there is nothing a person can do about it. Why is this even a question? Because of a lack in legislation banning asbestos, our fellow Americans are suffering and some dying.

Please visit Heather and read her story and share it everywhere.

Asbestos and Mesothelioma are real and nothing has been done about them.

Also visit the Mesothelioma website and find out what you can do to help with the cause.




I Have Never Won Anything

I am not kidding when I say that I have never won anything in my entire 23 years. I enter drawings at times for the heck of it. Never win. Not even like a free drink. Sad, I know. (;

Well, I have exciting new for you: I finally won something! The first thing I have ever won was…

A Free Three Month Gym Membership.

Ha! I do not know if that is a joke or a sign. Either way, I am taking advantage of the opportunity.

The gym is a very upscale gym located in the city where I work. The family who owns the gym actually has opened multiple locations over the years in Decatur, Hartselle, Madison, Huntsville, Guntersville and Pell City. Maybe you’ve heard of them? Benders Gym. I have the opportunity of using their newest million dollar facility free of charge for three months. What a deal! Free Group Fit classes, tanning, child care, 2 complimentary sessions with a personal trainer, smoothie bar, secure access. Oh, and every piece of cardio equipment has a built in flat screen TV in it. WHAT? So, I guess everyone can scratch of the excuse about not missing their show is why they did not go to the gym… Ha!

Honestly, though, the place really is amazing. I wish they would build one in the town where I live. Now THAT would be convenient enough to make my cough up the extra for their memberships.

Wouldn’t you love to say you were a member of a health club that looked like this??


So far I have worked cardio and legs on Day One, and the next day I worked cardio and upper body. I am hoping next week to start attending at least one class per week. Free means Free. Only have until July 24 so I am going to us the opportunity to my fullest advantage! (;

Because of the amazing opportunity at this elite gym is holding me more accountable. Which is a good thing!!

Have you won something unusual  from a drawing win? What all have you won in drawings?



2014 Outdoor Project One: Flower Beds

One of my yearly bucket list items was to finish some outdoor projects around our house. We bought our first home last April and decided in October it was time to do something about this grassy spot between the house and sidewalk.

That handy man I live with had tilled it up two days before

It looked so great.

I guess you could say I was proud. Ha!

We were SO proud because it looked great when we finished….

Until two weeks later when grass started to grow through because we had forgotten to put down the black gardening mesh. Oops. It was like a slap on the forehead. How did we forget that part? In our defense, it was both of our first times to ever plant a flower bed. Because Winter was coming, we didn’t stress it too much because the grass was going to die with the cold weather. But a few weekends ago, I was tired of looking at the new grass starting to take over my flower bed. We dedicated about 3.5 hours to this project and we got it done.

So here we are doing what should have been done in the first place…

For the record, I know in the picture below there are gaps in the mulch. That is because the know nothing female calculated it and said we should get 15 bags of mulch; however, the all-knowing man said only 10. Then there was not quite enough. Maybe next time he will listen. (; That was an easy fix a day or two later.

And never underestimate the amount of landscaping staples you might use during a project like this. Buy extra bags of them. This is spoken from professional experience. Ha!


Springtime in North Alabama (And GIVEAWAY!)

Snow, tornado warnings, frosts, 80 degrees all within a 4 week period. Does that sound like a sci-fi film or the end of time?

Welcome to Spring in North Alabama.

Really. Within the last few weeks we have experienced at least one day of every season. This brings back some not so fond memories of April 27, 2011, when an EF-5 Tornado traveled from Hackleburg, AL to Tanner, AL. (That’s approximately an 75-80 mile trip that the tornado covered in about 30 minutes. Talk about MOVING!) It entered Lawrence County where I live on one side and crossed the entire county before exiting into Morgan and Limestone counties. A nightmare followed for many days, weeks, and for some it has continued the last two years. It had been a very long time since a tornado of that magnitude had occurred in Lawrence County (the 1970s to be exact), and people were unprepared from lack of TRUE awareness. This resulted in the loss of lives and the people who survived were left without food, necessities, etc. I want to help you prevent this in your lives if you live in an area known for tornadoes. Even if it takes thirty years before another one pops up.

NSS Tornado Awareness Month

April is tornado awareness month, and I am partnering with National Storm Shelters to give away a FREE Emergency Preparedness Kit to help spread Tornado Awareness. If you would like to enter to win the free kit, please fill out the contact form below. Winner will be drawn at random.

You can also download their Emergency Essentials Checklist HERE. (Make sure you have adobe reader installed.)

Or if you want to view a complete Tornado Emergency Guide, you can receive one via email by visiting their website.

As we are getting full swing into spring and tornado season, I hope you will join me in making sure you and your families and friends are prepared this year.  It is always better to be over prepared than the opposite.

Have a great weekend!

Spring Girl Scout Day 2014

So after over a week off from blogging, I am ready to jump back into things! I’ll use the excuse that after 7 hours at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center a few weekends ago, I was WORN OUT! Let me add the detail that it was with 4 Girl Scouts age 9, 10, and 11 plus my own three year old. This was me that night:



That Saturday was our Girl Scout Council’s Spring Girl Scout Day and it was held at the United States Space and Rocket Center located in Huntsville, AL. My girl’s had opted to use a portion of their Cookie Sale profit to attend. Admission included lunch, access to all of the rides and museum and “things to do”, plus an IMAX movie ticket. Unfortunately, the IMAX would break down when it came time for our movie reservation. ): We did get to see a 3-D movie on Tornado Storm Chasing. My 3 year old did get a little impatient, but over all it was good!

The girls rode the Space Shot and a gravity ride a million times. They rock climbed and were able to watch a “magic show” on the science in what most people think is magic. Then they toured and were able to see the Saturn V (which is GIGANTIC!) and see a lot of other NASA things. We stood in line for 45 minutes just to ride a 5 minute Mars Rover simulator. Now I know why parents hated field trips that included Six Flags. Ha!

photo 2

photo 3

Mars Rover Simulator


photo 5

Astronauts in training

photo 1

Girl Scouts waiting to ride the Space Shot

photo 4

Future Astronaut (;

Even though they all had a great time, I made sure they learned and focused on some educational things. While we stood in line waiting to ride the simulator,  I made them all try out the kiosk that featured all of the female astronauts in history.

I never thought we would be there for 7 hours! I was thinking 4 hours, maybe 5 tops. I definitely did not wear the appropriate shoes for 7 hours. It was a really great time, though! My daughter now knows the older girls by name and thinks she is a Girl Scout too (; Which hopefully she will be in a few more years.


If you’ve never toured the U.S. Space and Rocket Center and live within driving distance of Huntsville, AL, I suggest planning a visit. It really is a great time. (I actually plan to go back one Saturday without children so that I can actually stop and read about everything.)

Dove VoxBox (Update and Review)

Well, I have completed my first VoxBox review. I have had the Dove Advanced Care deodorant since February and I STILL love it! It is almost empty, so I will definitely be going with it again. Have you used this deodorant yet?

I recommend it!!


I did not know that when we shave our underarms we remove SO much skin! Not that I have ever found myself sitting around pondering about my underarms, but good to know! Now I can’t help but think about it every time I’m shaving my under arm, HA! The moisture is completely different. I no longer feel awkward when my arm pit is showing in a tank top at the gym or working in the yard. Isn’t it funny the things we realize we are self-conscious about?

Give this a trial run and see if you don’t experience a difference as well!!

(And the pleasant smell doesn’t hurt anything either.)

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

**Photo Credit:

We Had a Phone Conversation

il_570xN.346246016My daughter is absolutely the most amazing thing to me. She has taught me forgiveness in ways that I could never imagine. I am like every cliché mother out there, “I never want her to grow up.” Which is true 95% of the time and the rest of the time I bask in the excitement of the fact that I will only be 39 when she is moving out for college! I will still be young!! Ha!!

Honestly, I love her being my baby. No matter how old she is, she will always be my baby girl. I love that even though she is three now, she still wants to curl up with us to sleep or let me lay on the couch and hold her like a small baby. She eats it up. (; However, I would never want to hinder her growth and learning for my selfish reasons of wanting to keep her my baby. I love for her to learn and find new things. She receives comments about how smart she is many times when we are at her pediatrician or out and about in town. Her preschool evaluates her progress based on where they want children her age to be and she is ahead. That makes me so proud of her.

With all of that being said, it is obvious, I know that she is growing up. She is changing every single day, but as we live in the moment we do not always pay attention to the little changes until they all hit us as a big moment at once. That is what happened to me one day last week.

I always call on my lunch to check on her and see how she did at school that day, etc. Sometimes she is asleep, but lately she has been up and playing. Of course, she is now three and gradually naps are fewer and fewer. That may also be because the grandparents and great-grandparents who watch her Monday through Thursday do not always make her take a nap. Guess what I deal with later…..

Back to the other day: I called my grandparents’ and asked how she was, how did they say she had been at school, etc. My Granny asked, “do you want to talk to her for a minute?” I said sure thinking she would talk 30 seconds and give the phone back and run off to play.

We talked for 5 minutes. My three year old and I, on the phone having continuous full sentence conversation for 5 minutes. When we got off of the phone I cried. Not a sobbing cry, but a my-heart-swelling-with-love-I-just-realized-how-grown-up-and-intelligent-she-is kind of tears in my eyes. A happy and sad cry all at the same time. I know how smart she is, but with the continuous day in and out, the way your child grows up can sneak up on you. It definitely did for me this time.

Here was our phone conversation:

My Daughter: “Hey, mama!”

Me: “Hey baby. Are you being good?”

My Daughter: “Yes. Hey, mama, I love you, mama.”

Me: “Aw, Khlo I love you too!”

My Daughter: “Mama, I miss you.”

Me: “I miss you too baby. Did you have fun at school today?”

My Daughter: “Yes, mama! I play outside!”

Me: “You did??!”

My Daughter: “YES! And we learn about rain and dirt today.”

Me: “That’s awesome. Are you being good for granny?”

My Daughter: “Yes. I play with Auburn!” (Auburn is my grandparents’ dog.)

My Daughter: “I eat a Zebra Cake!!”

Me: “Alright! Did granny give that to you?”

My Daughter: “Yep. Hey, mama. I love you. Is my daddy at home?”

Me: “He will be when I pick you up and we go home.”

My Daughter: “I miss my daddy, but I miss you too!”

Me: “I miss you. We will see daddy after I get off work. Did you eat your lunch today?”

My Daughter: “And I eat my MOON PIEEEEE!”

Me: “I’m glad. Have you taken a nap?”

My Daughter: “Nope. I not yawned yet.”

Me: “Will you take a nap?”

My Daughter: “I playing, mommy.”

Me: *sigh* “Okay, you better be good for Granny.”

My Daughter: “I will Mommy. Would you like to speak to my Granny?”

Me: “Uh sure. I love you.” (After I was speechless at how adult-like my three year old daughter sounded.)

My Daughter: “I love you too Mommy. Here’s Granny. Bye.”

There was more to the conversation when we talked about school like who came to class today and all of that. But all of the rest was basically how our conversation flowed. Here is the little girl who changed my life and is my baby, but who can now carry on a full conversation with me. I’m so proud of her and cannot wait to take on each experience as she continues to grow. I know at times it will make me a little sad, but I cannot wait to meet who she will become at each stage of her life.

Khloe Birthday11My beautiful daughter in her three year birthday pictures.