2014 Outdoor Project One: Flower Beds

One of my yearly bucket list items was to finish some outdoor projects around our house. We bought our first home last April and decided in October it was time to do something about this grassy spot between the house and sidewalk.

That handy man I live with had tilled it up two days before

It looked so great.

I guess you could say I was proud. Ha!

We were SO proud because it looked great when we finished….

Until two weeks later when grass started to grow through because we had forgotten to put down the black gardening mesh. Oops. It was like a slap on the forehead. How did we forget that part? In our defense, it was both of our first times to ever plant a flower bed. Because Winter was coming, we didn’t stress it too much because the grass was going to die with the cold weather. But a few weekends ago, I was tired of looking at the new grass starting to take over my flower bed. We dedicated about 3.5 hours to this project and we got it done.

So here we are doing what should have been done in the first place…

For the record, I know in the picture below there are gaps in the mulch. That is because the know nothing female calculated it and said we should get 15 bags of mulch; however, the all-knowing man said only 10. Then there was not quite enough. Maybe next time he will listen. (; That was an easy fix a day or two later.

And never underestimate the amount of landscaping staples you might use during a project like this. Buy extra bags of them. This is spoken from professional experience. Ha!