Venus Snap VoxBox



I am honored to have been selected to review another product through Influenster. They mailed me the product and I have to use it for a few weeks and then submit reviews on it. I share them on twitter and on the Influenster site. (I could also share on Facebook, but I don’t have one of those.) Basically, I’m testing the new product for the company so that they can create brand awareness because a company’s greatest branding opportunity is word of mouth. This time I received a Gillete Venus Snap:

photo (2)

Is that not the cutest razor you have ever seen? Haha! It is so tiny. It is for on the go moments when you accidentally missed a spot, forgot to shave, etc. It fits in the console of my car. I think it might would fit in my pocket!!

I can’t wait to use this a few times and see how well it works.




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