Bacon and Coconut Oil

I posted a while back about how I had joined the band wagon for Coconut Oil. Even though I have been using it over the last few months, I am still learning and finding new ways to supplement it for cooking oils, butter, etc.

This past weekend, our daughter spent the night with my mother. So, Saturday morning we were able to sleep late and get up to fix breakfast just when we wanted to. Not the moment the sun peeped through the blinds, which to our daughter translates as “time to get up!” (I have seriously considered black out panels on every window in the house.)

Once we finally rolled out of bed and decided to join the functioning world, I decided I had a good morning to cook us a big meal to enjoy together. What weekend breakfast would be complete without unhealthy bacon?? šŸ˜‰

I opened the cabinet and was about to grab the olive oil (I know it is healthier than canola or vegetable oil), but it just hit me that I had never tried to fry much with coconut oil. Hm.. that’s EVEN healthier. I gave it a shot. It took about 3 tablespoons, but it cooked the bacon great! No turning brown once the grease was too hot. AND once it was removed from the skillet and placed in the plate, there was not excessive grease that would make your stomach turn for days. I have always loved bacon, grease and all! Now, however, I feel a lot better about eating it and will hopefully manage to live a little longer. šŸ˜€


photo (2)

Here is what the coconut oil looked like cooking the bacon. Sorry, there’s no “after” picture. I’m still new at this blog-about-what-I-do-in-the-kitchen thing since there’s usually not much to blog about. Ha!

I always purchase our coconut oil at Wal-Mart for $5.98! It is 30 oz and usually lasts a month or two. Depends on what kind of cooking I’m up to lately. You can find out the look here.

Where do you find your coconut oil? Have new ways to cook with it? Share them with me!