Miller Analogies Test


I am going back to Grad School this Summer. I graduated August 2013 with my Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice. While I have enjoyed what will be a 9 month break, I know I need to do it now. I already know it is something I want to obtain, and our daughter is already three. I want to be almost finished with it before she starts Kindergarten and ESPECIALLY since we are considering having a second little one after the wedding this fall. It almost makes me want to kick myself for taking a break at all. Almost.

So, even though I just graduated with a 4 year degree, named to the president’s list and all of that good stuff, I have to take either the MAT or the GRE. Great. I have opted for the MAT. I can do words. I canNOT do math problems. Plus, the MAT is cheaper priced and only takes an hour. It was the winner before the race got started. Ha!

But now I’ve spent the last few weeks making myself study for this test. Geez, it has been hard to want to do after freedom since August, but I’ve been pushing through.

Have you had to take a Graduate School admission exam? Have you taken the new MAT, or did you opt for the GRE and just laugh at people like me with our inferior mathematical skills? What made it easier for you to study for the exam?

Wish me good luck??