I rarely have a chance to craft anymore, but finally did…

As the subject line states, I never really have the chance to dedicate time to crafting or DIYing anymore. Between work, running a household, playing with and raising our daughter… I’m happy to sleep. Ha! This weekend when I knew I had one extra day to get things done, I made time to finish a door wreath that was supposed to go up for spring through summer. Oops.

First, I started with a straw wreath from Hobby Lobby. I picked a medium size.

Then, I bought a roll of burlap ribbon and hot glued it down around some edges as I wrapped it around the wreath.

After that, I took a wooden letter “H” that I also bought from Hobby Lobby and glued it to the side that I preferred for it to appear on.

I made my fabric flowers next. Here is a tutorial to show you how. I promise I am the worst example to follow. So watch this video or find someone else on YouTube to learn from!

I arranged and rearranged the flowers until I was happy with the outcome.

(I bought fabric sample packs from Wal-Mart for around $3 each.)

I hot glued the flowers down and cut a strip for the hanger at the top.

Here was the outcome:


In this picture I actually had one more flower to add, but I didn’t think it turned out too shabby! The floral prints are blues and greens. Then I picked a green pattern and white ribbon for the other flowers.

What kind of summer wreaths have you seen that you love?? Have you made a new spring/summer wreath? I’d love to see it!!


2014 Outdoor Project One: Flower Beds

One of my yearly bucket list items was to finish some outdoor projects around our house. We bought our first home last April and decided in October it was time to do something about this grassy spot between the house and sidewalk.

That handy man I live with had tilled it up two days before

It looked so great.

I guess you could say I was proud. Ha!

We were SO proud because it looked great when we finished….

Until two weeks later when grass started to grow through because we had forgotten to put down the black gardening mesh. Oops. It was like a slap on the forehead. How did we forget that part? In our defense, it was both of our first times to ever plant a flower bed. Because Winter was coming, we didn’t stress it too much because the grass was going to die with the cold weather. But a few weekends ago, I was tired of looking at the new grass starting to take over my flower bed. We dedicated about 3.5 hours to this project and we got it done.

So here we are doing what should have been done in the first place…

For the record, I know in the picture below there are gaps in the mulch. That is because the know nothing female calculated it and said we should get 15 bags of mulch; however, the all-knowing man said only 10. Then there was not quite enough. Maybe next time he will listen. (; That was an easy fix a day or two later.

And never underestimate the amount of landscaping staples you might use during a project like this. Buy extra bags of them. This is spoken from professional experience. Ha!


Springtime in North Alabama (And GIVEAWAY!)

Snow, tornado warnings, frosts, 80 degrees all within a 4 week period. Does that sound like a sci-fi film or the end of time?

Welcome to Spring in North Alabama.

Really. Within the last few weeks we have experienced at least one day of every season. This brings back some not so fond memories of April 27, 2011, when an EF-5 Tornado traveled from Hackleburg, AL to Tanner, AL. (That’s approximately an 75-80 mile trip that the tornado covered in about 30 minutes. Talk about MOVING!) It entered Lawrence County where I live on one side and crossed the entire county before exiting into Morgan and Limestone counties. A nightmare followed for many days, weeks, and for some it has continued the last two years. It had been a very long time since a tornado of that magnitude had occurred in Lawrence County (the 1970s to be exact), and people were unprepared from lack of TRUE awareness. This resulted in the loss of lives and the people who survived were left without food, necessities, etc. I want to help you prevent this in your lives if you live in an area known for tornadoes. Even if it takes thirty years before another one pops up.

NSS Tornado Awareness Month

April is tornado awareness month, and I am partnering with National Storm Shelters to give away a FREE Emergency Preparedness Kit to help spread Tornado Awareness. If you would like to enter to win the free kit, please fill out the contact form below. Winner will be drawn at random.

You can also download their Emergency Essentials Checklist HERE. (Make sure you have adobe reader installed.)

Or if you want to view a complete Tornado Emergency Guide, you can receive one via email by visiting their website.

As we are getting full swing into spring and tornado season, I hope you will join me in making sure you and your families and friends are prepared this year.  It is always better to be over prepared than the opposite.

Have a great weekend!